Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

ECVET in WBL. The case of Italy, Slovenia and Spain

The Erasmus+ project “People in WBL”, is aimed to provide a framework for a quality implementation of WBL following the principles of ECVET and involving VET schools and companies.

The level of implementation of ECVET in each European country is very different due to many reasons, starting by the different level and importance of WBL in the VET curricula.

After analysing and comparing the implementation of ECVET in WBL in Spain, Slovenia and Italy, partner countries in the project, it is clear that Spain has a higher level of implementation of most of the elements of this technical framework.

The reasons for this are to be put in relation with the political context (higher relevance of VET in the education policy), the implementation of a dual VET system, that somehow has favoured the application of ECVET elements, especially regarding documentation, the support from the Government (specifically in some Spanish regions like the Basque Country) to this dual VET system and the transformation of the VET curricula to learning outcomes.

In the case of Italy and Slovenia, these countries are a bit behind in the implementation, although they have started to give some steps (arriving a bit further at this moment in the case of Italy).

Another conclusion we can take out from the analysis we have carried out is that it appears to be a relation between the level of implementation of ECVET and the WBL system existing in the different countries. Looking at the case of Spain, where the implementation of ECVET seems to be directly related to the implementation of the dual system, it makes sense to reach this conclusion.

A high level of implementation of the 4 principles of ECVET (identification, documentation, assessment and certification) is a guarantee of quality of a WBL system according to European standards and, with independence of specific tools and procedures, should be pursued by VET systems with the ambition of prestige and good qualification of VET students.