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Multiplier events in Slovenia

At the end of March, the People in WBL Project officially came to an end. To complete the project, Impulz servis was responsible for organizing multiplier events for its dissemination.

Like the most of the world, Slovenia is still in the grip of the corona virus pandemic, so Impulz servis had to overcome some obstacles when it came to organizing multiplier events. Fortunately, in March, the epidemiological situation in the country allowed gatherings of up to 10 people.
Thus, we at Impulz servis were able to organize multiple events with smaller groups of people.

Multiplier events were organized in the fourth week of March (22.3.-28.3.2021) and were held in the premises of companies, classrooms of the Kranj School Center (Šolski center Kranj) and the B&B Educational Center Kranj (B&B izobraževalni center Kranj).

At this point, we would like to again thank all the companies that took the time and provided  appropriate space for the presentations. Many thanks also go to the Kranj School Center and the B&B Educational Center, which provided classrooms to present the project with all of the appropriate COVID measures.

Poster for the multiplier events.

During the fourth week, we held several small events on the premises of the companies, where only a small number of people could be present. Then we had more events at the end of the week, in the classrooms, where there was enough space for 10 people to gather.
In the afternoon on Friday (22.3.2021) we organized events with the help from our partners at School Center Kranj, who lent us a classroom in the Inter-Entrepreneurial Educational Center (Medpodjetniški izobraževalni center). and the next morning, we organized additional events in the classrooms of the B&B educational center.

The multiplier events were roughly made up from three parts.

  • In the first part, the participants were introduced to the People in WBL project, ECVET and all of the partners involved.
  • The second part was the presentation of the model of validation of learning outcomes and its implementation.
  • The event ended with a presentation of the role of the company Impulz servis in the project and the experience gained during the project development.

Presentation: About People in WBL and ECVET

In the first part of the presentation, we introduced all visitors to the People in WBL project, what the project is and who was involved in the project.
We addressed the issues faced by businesses and schools when it comes to validating learning outcomes, as cooperation between school and companies is a key point for successful WBL paths.


We then moved on to the topic of reasons for the project development.
We took a closer look at the project objectives and a plan for how the project will achieve these objectives. We placed great emphasis on the ultimate goals of the project and who can really benefit from the results of the project the most.



The People in WBL project is based on a European instrument to support lifelong learning, student mobility and flexibility of learning pathways to achieve qualifications – ECVET. Because ECVET plays a pivotal role in the project and we believe that many people have not heard of it, we therefore devoted time to it in the presentation. We looked at the basic principles of ECVET and all of the benefits that come by following the principles of the framework.


Presentation: People in WBL model

The most interesting part of the presentation followed, where the visitors were most actively involved. We took a more concrete look at the final model of the People and WBL project.  We first became acquainted with the theory behind the implementation of the model, followed by a look at the model from the perspective of the school and then the company.

We enriched the presentation with the project video that tells the overall motivation and implementation of a themodel.
At the end of this part, we completed the model on a practical case together.

Presentation: People in WBL and Impulz servis

The multiplier event ended with a short presentation of the company Impulz servis, who from the company participated in the project.
We presented the role of the company in the project and how Impulz servis came to cooperation.
We outlined the obstacles we encountered along the way in fulfilling our project role and finally shared our experiences and feelings.

More about this in an upcoming post.