Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Multiplier event in Italy

On 26 March 2021, in Italy the national Multiplier Event for the presentation of PEOPLE IN WBL’s final results took place. Because of the Covid emergency, Italian partners organised an online event on the Zoom platform. Students and teachers from local schools, employers and managers from local companies and several other stakeholders attended the event. It was a great opportunity to show project results and to talk about the challenging adventure implemented by partners over these years. Despite the “online mode”, the event was quite interactive since partners had the possibility to show videos, do presentations and ask questions. Moreover participants in project activities “took the floor”, talking about how they had implemented the programmed activities. A particular focus was dedicated to students involved in testing the PEOPLE IN WBL model in work-based-learning paths: they had the possibility to talk about their own experiences and their feelings in approaching this innovative method. Of course, school tutors and company mentors were involved as well in the event focusing on the technical aspects of the Model and on the practical aspects of its implementation. Last but not least, Slovenian and Spanish partners took part in the event as special guests by sharing the experiences in their own countries.