Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union


ilmiofuturo is an innovative start up running in the field of lifelong learning system since 2014. It aims to support people in their own personal and professional growth. In the today complexity where rules and roles change continuously, ilmiofuturo supports people in reaching a proper condition of personal self-fulfilment. What get ilmiofuturo passionate and inspired is working for a World of “autonomous and connected people”, fulfilled people able to imagine and create the World they wish. People as key-players in the society of awareness.

Ilmiofuturo offers customised learning solutions on soft skills by getting in participants “activation and inspiration” essential qualities to caught opportunities and to surf in the complexity.

Ilmiofuturo uses a transdisciplinary approach that combines integrating several learning methods such as Problem-based learning (PBL), Self-Directed Learning (SDL), Competency-Based Educational (CBE), Experience-Based Learning(EBL).