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Solski center Kranj

The Kranj School Centre was formed by the merge of Kranj School Centre for Technical Sciences and a part of The Kranj Economy and Service School Centre. Thus The Kranj School Centre continues and combines the rich tradition of secondary education schools of Kranj, which began after the Second World War.

It consists of five organizational units:

  • Secondary Technical School
  • Secondary School for Economy, Services and Civil Engineering,
  • Specialist Grammar School
  • Vocational College
  • Inter-company Education and Training Centre

In all units, educational work takes place in modern lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories and workshops. All employees are committed to act in the spirit of user-friendly educational institutions. The Kranj School Centre has signed agreements with more than 300 companies and organizations where pupils and students can perform practical training. Throughout history, adult education has been carried out in parallel with the regular education of young students. Content and programs have been bound to the programs of regular education and skills needed in the companies of the region. We are involved in many projects with partners from Slovenia and abroad, building a development-oriented environment where the world of education meets the economy.

School centre Kranj is actively involved in national and international projects (ESF, INTERREG, CENTRAL EUROPE, ERASMUS+…). Focus of the projects is internacionalization, development of students and staf in professional and personal field, development of competencess for 21st century.

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